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one piece karakter

Monkey D.Luffy The Straw Hats, the Prime Figure who aspires to be the king of pirates after Shank the redhead dropped on his native island, Fusha, he was given a straw hat by him so that later he would have to return it if he met again. This straw hat then became his trademark. Fruit-eating gomu-gomu, can make all members of his body stretched like rubber, not bulletproof and anti-electricity, but very weak against sharp weapons. characteristic of the fight is to stretch with his body length. Always give the word "Gomu-Gomu" before the moment. Most of his moves use the names of weapons and artillery (eg gomu-gomu guns, gomu-gomu bazooka, gomu-gomu gatling, etc.). It has a "Gear 2", which pumps its blood pressure until its body is smoky (but its organs are not destroyed because it is a rubber man) so the body becomes very fast and adds the word "jet" before the attack (eg gomu-gomu jet pistol). In this mode his fist becomes so fast as to be invisible (at first glance looks like a shoot). if added haki boxing so cause explosion effect. It has another mode of "Gear 3" that is able to magnify its body parts so it's gigantic (its bones are enlarged because it's made of rubber) in this mode Luffy's attacks become very strong, but slow. Added the word "gigant" before the attack (example: gomu-gomu gigant pistol). if added haki his hand becomes black and harder. One of the 3 strongest members of the straw hat group. Value bounty 400,000 000 berries.

Roronoa Zoro The Pirate Hunter, Luffy's first crew member. Fight with 3 swords. All three of his swords are rare swords of great quality. The third name of his sword is Wadou Ichimonji (the sword of the dead zoro's companions), Sandai Kitetsu (the cursed sword that legend can kill the wearer), and Shusui (a very powerful black sword gift from Ryuma, his former opponent). One of the 3 strongest members of the straw hat group. Bounty value of 120,000,000 berries

Nami Si Kucing Pencuri, a reliable navigator capable of feeling the weather changes with his body, he is also a thief although after joining Luffy this ability is still often used. Aspire to draw a map of the world. Nami can also fight using Perfect Clemen Tact (Perfect Weather Staff) made by Usopp. Fight by controlling the weather and lightning, and wearing a stick. According Ussop is one of the 3 weakest in the group. Value bounty 16,000,000 berries.

Usopp / Soge King Si Raja Pengembak Matung, Sniper in the straw hat pirate group. Aspire to be a brave warrior all over the ocean and want to go to Elbaf Island. His father, Yasopp, was a sniper at the Shanks Pirate Group. Very fond of lying, and high story telling. Fight with a slingshot shot with unique bullets and traps. After 2 years of exercise able to control pop green, plants that can grow aggressively and quickly. According to himself, including the 3 weakest people in the group. Value bounty 30,000,000 berries.

Sanji The Black Feet, The Chef who aspires to discover the legendary ocean where all the source of food comes from, All Blue. He is also a student of Zeff the Red Feet, a reliable chef from Baratie Restaurant who used to be a pirate. Very fond of women. Sanji uses both legs to fight and never use his hands because he thinks, hands are a treasure for a chef. Fight with a very strong kick technique. He can also use the "Diable jump" technique that makes his feet fire. This technique can strengthen the kick and give the effect of burning to his enemy. Including the 3 strongest members of the straw hat group. Value bounty 77 million berries.

Tony Tony Chopper The Lover of Cotton, a Doctor in the form of a super reindeer who has seven shapes of blue nosed changes that carry the wishes of the greatest physician in the world of Hiluluk doctors, who aspire to heal all the diseases that exist in the world. He is a hito-hito hitter so he can speak like a human. Hito-hito fruit strength also makes it can be transformed into various forms. Fight using the changes of his form. After 2 years he can use his monster form without losing consciousness. According to Ussop one of the 3 weakest in the group. Bounty value of 50 berries.

Nico Robin The Devil's Son, the only remaining archaeologist in the world left from Ohara Island to examine the origins of the initials D through Poneglyph that reveals the true events of a lost 100-year history. Is the most sought after by the world government because it is considered as a devil that can disrupt world peace. This is evidenced by the value of the game at the age of 8 years is very high. Fruit-eating hana-hana so that it can double the limbs

film The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z

At the beginning of the 20th century, Percy Fawcett, exploring into the Amazon jungle to find the golden city of much talk. Hearing that premise is enough for us to be curious to watch the dynamic film by James Gray, The Lost City of Z. However, this film managed to appear different from other standard adventure films, by promoting the cultural background and the way people think at that time.
Gary puts Fawcett in the context of the British exploratory age, complete with the assumptions of the people there about how primitive Amazonian people are. With Gray's shrewdness in directing, as well as a subchile-like magnet from Charlie Hunnam as Fawcett, the audience can see thoroughly the emotional journey of Fawcett. We see the change, from the moment Fawcett became a victim of his time, to become a 'cultured

The film begins with a portrayal of how society does not fully accept Fawcett, who is a soldier. We will witness scenes of fox hunting, party hunts and intimate conversations between Fawcett and his wife Nina, played very natural and elegant by Sienna Miller. He summoned the cop's wife and told him how Fawcett felt he was a failed man.
This initial scene builds the character of each figure and motion film that is not so fast. Even at the most dramatic moments in the forest, Lost City managed to capture the audience, not through the tense and fast-moving scenes.
For the audience who had watched Gray's previous work, The Immigrant, and felt the film was slow, it might feel the same rhythm in this movie. However, for those who want to survive, will be rewarded with a spectacular adventure spectacle enriching the mind.

Fawcett's decision to accept the dangerous offer of the Royal Geographical Society to go to Bolivia mapped the Brazilian border area, because he saw it as an opportunity to clear the name of his family that had been ravaged by his father who was a gambler. He also abandoned Nina, who understands the sacrifice can be fruitful to the family image in the long run. 
Travel full of discovery
On the expedition, Hunnam displays the figure of Fawcett as a flat man. Along the way he and his team were led by canoeing by people in South American Indians. However, suddenly they are attacked with arrows from the river bank. Fawcett was shown to attack the Indians with his bare hands, assisted by his British colleagues while singing the patriotic song Soldiers of the Queen. Fawcett clearly saw Indians in a different, more humane way than his peers.
He also had heard rumors about the lost city and found pieces of old ceramics that became evidence of the advanced civilization there.
Fawcett then may be obsessed with the golden city he calls Zed. However, he does not turn crazy like similar characters in other adventure movies (try to remember Kurtz's figure in Apocalypse Now or Aguirre's figure in Aguirre the Wrath of God). Even while in the Amazon, he continues to miss his wife and children.
And when Fawcett addressed the Royal Geographical Society on his return to England, he held the fragments of ceramics he found, showing how much he had changed. He was scorned when he said civilization in South America was more advanced than England. Fawcett also mentioned his colleagues have been trapped and too fanatical to the church.
imageThe top of the photosAMAZON STUDIOS
Image caption
The scene when Fawcett returned to Amazon with his son.
The movie continues with Fawcett returning to a thrilling journey when he decides to plunge into the first world war, at nearly half a century old. Gray describes the war scene, with its size set with finesse and serenity. Lost City continues the ambition of an epic history story that The Immigrant has previously shown. There Marion Cotilard plays a Polish woman forced into prostitution in New York in the 20th century.
Travel inside
With the camera arranger Darius Khondji, Gray creates the Lost City's dimmer look. Each scene is gracefully composed: tanned tone coloring scenes in Europe, while the green color in the forest is reduced. The film is not nuanced like a colorful fantasy movie.
The scenes in Bolivia being shooted in Colombia, made as harsh as possible make people feel that the insects are actually passing in front of them.
Gray did shoot Hunnam with a rather glamorous look like a star. But Hunnam, who was introduced through the Sons of Anarchy series, proves he is an actor with a depth of acting. He displays Fawcett with various layers of emotion perfectly.
In 1925, Fawcett's eldest son, Jack (Tom Holland, who played his role strongly but also looked innocent) joined his father on his way to search for the golden city of Z. At that time they already have many rivals. "The Americans will come here with their rifles, we must pray they will not kill the Indians," Jack told his father.

Pada kenyataannya, Fawcett dan Jack menghilang dalam perjalanan itu. Tidak ada yang tahu nasib mereka. Buku laris karya David Grann, yang merupakan inspirasi bagi film ini, memberikan solusi argumentatif tentang misteri hilangnya kedua orang itu. Namun, dalam film buatan Gray ini endingnya lebih ambigu. Gambar terakhir film ini bahkan amat indah dibayangkan.
Perjalanan imajinatif Gray ke dalam karakter Fawcett, benar-benar membentuk film yang emosional ini. Meskipun Fawcett memiliki pandangan maju tentang orang Indian, dia selalu melihat sesuatu secara tiga dimensi. "Kuatlah," katanya kepada putranya ketika mereka dikepung oleh orang-orang Indian. "Kalau belum waktunya, kita pasti akan baik-baik saja."

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kemapuan yg di dapat

Konsentrasi Informatika komputer bertujuan mencetak tenaga kerja yang : Terampil pada bidang Teknologi Informasi (TI) yang mampu merancang sistem informasi yang berbasis komputer, terutama dalam menyusun suatu aplikasi komputer denganmenggunakan bahasa pemrograman yang brbasis Visual Basic secara Single dan Multi user, dilengkapi juga dengan keahlian istimewa lainnya seperti kemampuan sebagai Web Developer, Administrator Jaringan berbasis Windows dan Linux, dilengkapi denhgan kemampuan berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Inggris. Pada Akhirnya, semua lulusan Politeknik LP3I akan dapat memperoleh gelar Ahli Madya (Amd) sesuai bidangnya.


Standar Lulusan

  • Terampil berkomunikasi bisnis secara efektif dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris.
  • Memahami konsep dalam merancang sebuah Sistem Informasi yang berbasis komputer PC dan Internet.
  • Terampil dalam membuat aplikasi dengan mengunakan bahasa komputer Visual Basic baik secara single dan multi user, dengan berbasis data Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL.
  • Terampil sebagai tenaga Web Development berbasis internet yang berorientasi pada database dengan menggunakan HTML, DHTML, Java Script, VB Script, Frontpage / Dreamweaver, Swish / Macromedia, Active Server Page (ASP) dan PHP
  • Terampil sebagai tenaga Administrasi jaringan yang berbasis Windows Server dan Linux.
  • Mampu sebagai Technical Support untuk melakukan instalasi perangkat lunak berbasis Windows dan Linux.
  • Mampu membuat makalah dan proposal.

lp3i promosi

1. "Maksimal 25 Orang Perkelas Sehingga Terjamin Kualitas Proses Belajar Mengajar". Tulisan tersebut adalah tulisan dari salah satu brosur LP3I Adam Malik yang telah disebarluaskan pada tahun 2009. Perlu kita ketahui, dalam hal ini pihak LP3I tidak begitu berkomitmen dengan apa yang telah mereka promosikan melalui iklan brosur tersebut. Disana ditulis "Maksimal 25 Orang Perkelas", padahal kenyataanya jumlah mahasiswa/i yang ada dikelas-kelas banyak yang melebihi kapasitas atau melebihi jumlah maksimal sebanyak 25 orang. Contoh kecilnya adalah kelas MIK 1.1 yang jumlah mahasiswa/i-nya sebanyak 28 orang. Sebenarnya saya tidak terlalu mempersalahkan hal ini, namun yang saya sangat sesalkan karena tidak adanya penjelasan-penjelasan dari pihak LP3I Adam Malik kepada kami selaku mahasiswa. Sehingga saya merasa ditipu oleh pihak LP3I Adam Malik. Dan hak saya sebagai Mahasiswa belum sepenuhnya terpenuhi. Dan saya berharap Pihak LP3I Adam Malik memberikan konfirmasi kejelasan kepada kami mengapa jumlah mhasiswa/i perkelas melebihi jumlah maksimal yang telah ditetapkan. Agar tidak terjadi lagi kesalahpahaman antara kedua belah pihak yaitu antara Mahasiswa dan pihak LP3I Adam Malik.


2."Ruangan Standard Intrnasional" dalam bahasan point kedua ini saya masih membahas tentang promosi-promosi yang saya rasa berlebihan yang dilakukan oleh Pihak LP3I Adam Malik. Saya akui dalam hal ini, sebenarnya ruangan yang dijanjikan oleh LP3I Adam Malik cukup bagus, namun ada beberapa hal yang kurang saya sukai. Hal yang pertama yaitu :
Seringnya Mati Listrik sehingga Ac atau penyejuk ruangan juga ikut mati. Padahal kami belajar pada ruangan-ruangan tersebut dan pada ruangan kelas tersebut tidak memiliki ventilasi sedikitpun kecuali pintu. Namun jika pintu terbuka maka suasana akan menjadi lebih berisik, karena keributan di luar ruang kelas akan terdengar oleh kami. Dan apabila pintu tersebut harus ditutup dalam keadaan mati AC maka yang terjadi adalah suasana ruang yang pengap, panas dan gerah. Sehingga sangat menganggu proses belajar mengajar. Singkatnya kita perumpamakan dengan fungsi logika if. IF= Pintu TErbuka,THEN=Berisik, ELSE IF=Pintu Tertutup THEN=Panas dan Gerah.
Yang kedua yaitu tentang lab komputer, khususnya lab komputer 4, karena kami memakai lab komputer 4 untuk membahas mata kuliah kami. Seringya mati listrik membuat proses belajar-mengajar terganggu. Kejadian Mati lampu amat sering terjadi. Sehingga menyebabkan kami harus mengulang mengerjakan tugas-tugas yang diberikan oleh dosen karena kami tidak sempat meyimpan dokumen tugas tersebut. Terlebih lagi dengan kabel-kabel jaringan yang berserakan di lantai lab komputer 4, membuat saya merasa terganggu dan hal ini dapat juga menjadi penyebab kecelakaan jika dengan tidak sengaja tersandung oleh kabel jaringan tersebut dan menyebabkan jatuh. Laci meja kkomputer lab 4 juga sering kotor oleh pelbagai macam sampah. Seperti sampah bungkus makanan ringan, tissue atau sobekan-sobekan kertas. Dan ruangan lab 4 juga sering mengalami mati AC. Dan satu lagi, gambar ruangan pada salah satu brosur LP3I adalah palsu. Tidak ada ruangan nyata seperti halnya gambar pada brosur tersebut. Pernah suatu ketika saya mendengar percakapan pengunjung dengan karyawati Front Office, pengunjung tersebut menyanyakan tentang keberadaan ruang yang ada dalam gambar brosur. Dan jawaban dari karyawati tersebut adalah "Ruangannya belum ada, pak". Sangat memalukan bukan?.
Yang ketiga adalah tinjauan saya terhadap ruang perpustakaan, saya rasa pencahayaan di ruangan perpustakaan kurang terang dan tatanan buku terkadang kurang begitu rapi dan tidak sesuai letaknya dengan kategori buku. dan juga, tidak bisanya pengelola perpustakaan mengatur para pengunjung perpustakaan untuk lebih diam dan tenang, sehingga perpustakaan menjadi seperti pajak ketimbang perpustakaan. Dengan kata lain suasana perpustakaan tidak kondusif, sehingga membuat konsentrasi membaca terbuyarkan. Dan lagi, tidak adana peraturan khusus untuk para karyawan atau staf dalam masalah peminjaman buku. Hal ini menimbulkan kecemburuan bagi saya, mengapa kami "Mahasiswa" diberikan tenggang waktu dalam meminjam buku dan bahkan diberikan denda sebesar Rp.1000,- jika terlambat per satu hari dalam mengambalikan buku ke perpustakaan. Sedangkan untuk karywan/staf mereka dengan bebas dapat meminjam buku tanpa dihantui oleh tenggan waktu pengembalian dan juga denda. Dan saya rasa hal ini amat sangat tidak adil.

promosi lp3i

LP3i pertama kali domotori oleh M. Syahrial Yusuf yang merupakan penggerak generasi muda berpikiran maju yang peduli akan pendidikan berbasis link and match. Banyaknya lulusan perguruan tinggi yang tak terkualifikasi dengan tuntutan dunia kerja membuat sekelompok generasi muda ini merasa bahwa masalah ini harus segera diatasi.
Atas dasar itulah, maka Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Profesi Indonesia (LP3I) didirikan pada 29 Maret 1989 dengan kampus pertama di Pasar Minggu – Jakarta Selatan.
Melihat keberhasilan model pendidikan yang dijalankan oleh LP3I, animo masyarakat pun semakin besar. Peserta didik bukan hanya penduduk ibukota saja, bahkan dari beberapa daerah yang cukup jauh. Oleh sebab itulah, LP3I membuka kampus-kampus di hampir setiap ibukota propinsi.
Kini, dengan jumlah kampus yang tersebar di 48 lokasi di seluruh Indonesia. Kiprah LP3I semakin diakui oleh masyarakat luas. Pengakuan dari dunia industri tercermin dari semakin banyaknya perusahaan yang merekrut lulusan LP3I. Sedangkan pengakuan lain datang dari dunia pendidikan dalam dan luar negeri melalui kerjasama transfer kredit dan konversi mata kuliah.
LP3I Business Center Semarang merukapan cabangang dari LP3I pusat yang berada di Jakarta. Kampus LP3I Business Center Semarang terletak di jalan Soekarno Hatta 10 A-B Semarang.

one piece karakter

Monkey D.Luffy The Straw Hats, the Prime Figure who aspires to be the king of pirates after Shank the redhead dropped on his native island, ...